June 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Another fiscal year comes to an end.  So as we end and begin again; Drop-In guests decide our activities, our activities are a vehicle to many things that help out in life.Sunday- The Social aspect of Bingo is Important; Bingo, Summer Black Out- Bingo Blasters-Bingo as a teaching tool.

Monday-More to do in the community-free day, coffee Shoppe, gardening, cooking, games. Bring $ for coffee shop & garden center. Bring something to share for potluck

2Bingo 2pm






3Wii Bowling


4Ulland Park 6pm

Diamond 6

5Performing Arts/Canvas Art  6pm 6Photo Taking Class


7 Friday Night Dance5:30pm $2 8
9Bingo 2pm






10Urban Stampede 6pm

Bring Money

11 Ulland Park 6pm

Diamond 3

12Performing Arts/Canvas Art 6pm 13Riverside Park 6pm 14 Friday Night Dance5:30pm $2 15
16Bingo 2pm






17 All Season’s Garden Center 6pm


Bring Money

18Ulland Park 6pm

Diamond 11

19Performing Arts/Canvas

Art 6pm

20 Lincoln Park4:30-7:30pm Inter Agency Picnic 21 Friday Night Dance5:30pm $2 22
23Bingo 2pm






24 SummerBirthday

Potluck at Listen




25Ulland Park 6pm

Diamond 4

26Performing Arts/Canvas Art 6pm 27Sertoma Japanese Garden  6pm 28 Friday Night Dance5:30pm $2 29
30Bingo 2pm


Tuesday- Telling the world we all have choice and we all belong in any field- See you at the Softball Field. Don’t forget the Annual LSPN Trip, Twins game, 6th and 7th of July, sign up now!Wednesday- We can express! Self expression, confidence, and a message of change, are the benefits of Performing for Change. Fargo Street Fair in July, Sign up!

Thursday-Teaching the value of our world.  We will have nature walks, and do summer photography.

Friday-Feel the sense of unity, move your feet, let’s dance.

Have a great summer everyone, have fun, be safe and wear sunscreen. Love, Carla